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Fleetsolve Bio-fuel CHP
Fleetsolve’s Bio-fuel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units provide green electricity, heat and when required, cooling from a single renewable fuel source. With this energy efficient technology both heat and electricity are generated simultaneously in a single process.

how does a chp work

All CHP’s provide heat and power from one single fuel source that is produced during a highly efficient process, cogeneration. During conventional electricity generation, all of the heat that is produced in the process is released to the atmosphere and wasted. The heat produced during cogeneration is recovered and utilised to provide hot water for local and district heating systems or steam for industrial application.

Tri-generation is the generation of heat, power and cooling from one simultaneous process.

The heat recovered during cogeneration is used to generate cooling by the additional use of an absorption chiller that is connected to the CHP. The chilled water that is produced can supply air conditioning systems and boost the performance of refrigeration units.