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Bio fuelled CHP

Why Choose A Fleetsolve Bio-fuel CHP?

  • Our CHP is a proven and reliable technology that is powering many high profile buildings in the UK
  • Registered with the CHPA
  • A single renewable fuel can produce up to four types of output power, heat , cooling and steam and reduces whole of life energy costs
  • It has the best carbon reduction benefit to capex ratio of any of the low carbon equipment available on the market today
  • Advanced engine technology developments can achieve a combined efficiency of over 90%
  • Proven technology with guaranteed carbon reduction outputs evidenced with over 10 years of operating experience and historical data from our bio fuelled engines
  • Our CHP installations provide the best carbon reduction benefit per square metre than any other renewable technology
  • Carbon reduction for a Fleetsolve bio fuel CHP can be up to 90% lower than for a gas CHP
  • Unlike gas CHP our biofuel CHP systems can operate as reliable uninterrupted power supply (UPS) which is of particular value for essential power applications
  • Our units can operate with a noise level of as low as 55Dba@1m
  • The high efficiency and carbon savings of a Fleetsolve CHP can qualifies for Double Renewable Obligations Certificates (ROC’s) incentive, increasing your revenues
  • All of our installations have been registered at Ofgem and receive double ROC’s
  •  Made in Britain – reducing the embedded carbon of the technology
  • Each unit is bespoke to your building’s requirements
  • Modular construction of the unit and fuelling system reduces the overall footprint of the CHP saving valuable space and reducing cost
  • Fleetsolve supply all aspects of your bio-fuel CHP project, from the construction including the CHP unit, plant room, fuel tank, control systems and all other associated plant and equipment, to the operation of your unit including the supply the renewable fuel and essential administration.
  • We are the single source supplier easing your procurement process, saving you time and money.

Fleetsolve’s team of experts will guide you through the whole process.

Bio fuelled CHP - Planning and Development
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Working directly with you and your consultants, our team engage at the earliest stage to assess the individual needs and viability of your project.

Bio fuelled CHP - Design
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Bio fuelled CHP - Manufacture
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Bio fuelled CHP - Installation & Commissioning
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